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LiftSplit-Get more out of your routine commute

Are you looking to car pool for your daily commute? Luckily, now it’s easier than ever before to, split the cost of a trip to another city or even just need to make a quick trip to the local supermarket.

LiftSplit has it all. It is your one-stop shop for car sharing and car pool. No longer do you need to switch between online services for different journeys. Unlike other LiftSplit lets you choose your travel partners for long journeys, short journeys and routine trips – all in ONE.

With LiftSplit, you make the same trip that you’d have made anyway, but at a cheaper cost and with great company.

Car pool for daily commuters

Every day, around the world people make the exact same journey to work, at least 260 days a year. In the UK alone, 16.7 million people use a car to get to work. Out of these, only 8% catch a lift. The remaining 92% drive themselves.

Car sharing for long journeys

Traveling long distances by bus or train can be a hassle. And for drivers, long routes can be boring and costly. So why not share the journey and split the cost? Whether you’re making a one-off trip or travel between two cities routinely, let LiftSplit help you find a travel partner.

Ride-share for local trips

Avoid changing buses and trains for a trip within the town. Or help someone by offering a ride. And in return, you save up on your fuel cost. It’s a win-win for all

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Tell your colleagues, mates and neighbours about LiftSplit.With more people car sharing, your chances of finding the perfect car pool or ride share partner increase.

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Why LiftSplit?

Save money

Driving can be heavy on the pocket. Did you know that by sharing a car for only 3 days a week, you could cut costs by up to £791 per year? That’s enough money to book a luxurious holiday!

Create a real-life social network

Traveling on the same monotonous route everyday can be quite boring. By car pooling or car sharing through LiftSplit you get the opportunity to develop new relationships. You might meet interesting people who work or study at or close to your organization. You never know when a conversation started in car pool brings you new career prospects!

Help the environment

By adopting green travel, you not only help yourself (and others) but also contribute to the environment. Sharing a car means there is less traffic on the roads and thus reduced traffic congestion. It also helps to bring down car parking pressure. Not to mention, it helps to lessen CO2 emissions.