About LiftSplit

What is LiftSplit?

LiftSplit is an online app carpool or ride-matching service. It lets drivers and passengers, heading in the same direction, connect with each otherin a quick and smart way. And save money.

For residents of the suburbs, who commute to nearby cities every day for work, LiftSplit offers a great solution . It’s also the ideal choice for students who don’t have cars but need rides for weekend trips or to visit home for a holiday. For drivers, LiftSplit is the way forward to save up on the fuel cost.

Who are we?

We are a small team of enthusiasts, based in London, UK. However, we operate globally and aim to expand further. Our desire is to revolutionise mobility by building reliable networks for carpool and car share, around the world.

Our Mission

What drives us: We are on a mission to help commuters by making carpooling and lift sharing more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our Vision

Imagine a world without traffic jams. We envision a future where carpoolers and car sharers outnumber lone drivers,in towns and cities globally. Lift sharing would be an integral part of vibrant, well-connected communities.

It will become second nature to all. More like having morning coffee. Residents will be accustomed to carpool and car share as they are to public transport.

We will deliver mobility and leave a noticeable impact on the environment.The traffic will flow smoothly, reducing travelling times. And leaving more money in the wallets. We’ll take the frustration out of commuting and make it an experience everyone will look forward to. There are challenges ahead. But we’re all set for the ride.

Our Core Values

  • Deliver an extraordinary customer experience built on trust and confidence.
  • Play a significant role in reducing CO2 emissions and have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Make commuting less expensive.
  • Promote simplicity, innovation and excellence.

About our mission

It all began with a simple idea: Carpooland car share should be common ways of commuting to work.

Today carpool and car share are only a fringe movement. People who drive to work every day, mostly travel alone, with empty car seats.

We want to encourage the masses to switch to sharing vehicles. When we connect drivers and passengers with each other, we create local driving communities that work together to improve everyone’s routine driving experience.

This means that commuters no longer have to put up with extensive traffic jams. They also get to trim travel time off their regular commute, by taking new routes suggested by LiftSplit. We want to go an extra mile in simplifying urban mobility. The world is racing towards a digital future that depends more on technology and isolates us from each other. Our idea is to use the same technology to bring back a human touch. While also creating a clean environment for our children to breathe in.

Let’s get together to shape the future of urban mobility.

‘Let’s LiftSplit’