How it works

Drivers- grab the steering wheel

Do you drive to work or uni everyday? Or travel out of town often? Then why not save up on the fuel cost? Offer a seat to someone making the same journey as yours and get paid in return. Whether it’s your daily commute, a one-off long trip or a , a short journey like the school

you can fill up the empty seats of your car. And save money.

Sign up on LiftSplitas a driver. It’s FREE! And takes only a few seconds. We promise.

Follow these 3 quick stepsand you’re good to go. It’s easy.

Choose your travel partner

Sign up on the LiftSplit Then enter your destination, your starting point and a few other necessary details such as the number of seats you have available, etc. By doing so, you let others know about your journey.Now you have two choices. Either sit back & wait for someone to contact you.


Drive off

LiftSplit makes it easy for you to coordinate your travel plans. Anyone who may want to ride with you can message you. But, you, the driver gets the final pick. All sorted? Simply drive off. And enjoy.

During the trip, you also get real-time updates on traffic conditions. Use these to dodge the traffic jams.


Get Paid

Payment is made 24 hours after you have completed your trip. If it’s a round trip, you get paid on your return. You can receive payment via PayPal or a direct bank transfer.


Offer a seat now

Passengers - Put your seatbelts on

Do you travel to the same place every day? Or are you making a one-off trip? Public transport is busy and quite a hassle to be honest. And taxis are expensive. We hear you. So why not consider car sharing? It’s cheap, easy and fun to do. Let us show you how. Sign up for FREE on LiftSplit as a rider. And find yourself a ride within seconds. It’s simple.

Find a ride

Enter the start and end location of your tripin the LiftSplitappwebsite. See who else is travelling the same way. Or… Post about your trip & wait for drivers to contact you.


Book your ride

You can read reviews and ratings of drivers to find your best match for car sharing. Once you have found your driver for car sharing, tap ‘book a ride’. Your request is sent to the driver who has 24 hours to confirm. You can pay via PayPal or by direct bank transfer. Payment is taken from your account only when the driver confirms the trip


Get going

Hop in with your chosen driver, put your belt on and get going. To keep you safe from flaky drivers, LiftSplit has a full refund policy. Simply ‘raise a concern’ from your account page, if your driver is a no-show.